4 Of The Most Frightening Things When Pregnant

In the midst of happiness that is felt, many concerns arise in pregnant women. Especially if this is the first pregnancy and many disorders. There are pregnant women who fear the fetus does not get enough nutrition to birth defects, there are also those who are afraid of the birth process. So, we don’t need to be confused or surprised if we see some pregnant women using a wheelchair and buying gel cushion for wheelchair. That’s all they do to reduce their fear of miscarriage or fall and result in their fetuses.

Among the many fears, here are four of the most often felt by pregnant women.

1. Babies born with disabilities
According to well-known sites, as many as 78 percents of pregnant women are afraid of giving birth to children with disabilities. During pregnancy, several prenatal tests are passed. And each test usually makes you nervous for fear that there is something abnormal that indicates the baby has a disorder.

The risk of your baby having birth defects is only 4 percent, very small. Even if screening again isn’t normal, it doesn’t mean that the baby has some defects. Sometimes, follow-up tests confirm that everything is fine. The best way to protect your baby is to take a multivitamin and folic acid and other prenatal vitamins.

2. Miscarriage
Miscarriage is the easiest fear found in most pregnant women. The risk of miscarriage is much smaller than you think. For women less than 35 years, only about 10-12 percent, 35-39 years 18 percent, and increase again when the age of pregnancy is older.

Miscarriages usually occur in the first weeks when pregnancy is not realized. But, when the heartbeat has been detected at 6-8 weeks, the risk of miscarriage drops to 5 percent.

3. Morning sickness makes the baby malnourished
The fetus can absorb nutrients from your food very well. So, morning sickness or nausea and vomiting during pregnancy does not cause the fetus to lack nutrition. Unless morning sickness is quite severe and continues until you become dehydrated. Keep taking pregnancy vitamins and eat small and frequent meals.

4. Childbirth will be very painful
If this also makes you worry, you need relaxation. Childbirth has taken place since humans were created, so there’s no need to worry. After all, there are many things that can help you reduce pain. So during pregnancy, you can attend labor classes and read a lot about pain management.

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