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Ponzi Scheme And Verification Code Frauds Are Common These days

Ponzi Scheme is similar to MLM under the guise of fraud, it’s just that the realm of the scope of this mode is in the investment world. In a way, this type of fraud is more familiar known as a bulging investment scheme. Perpetrators will offer victims to invest with lucrative and almost unreasonable profits. At the beginning of the investment, the victim will usually get profits to lure victims to invest more until the investment process stagnates and the money just disappears. Apart from that, if you are a victim of a fake MLM company, we recommend you to hire a certified private investigator to find pieces of evidence of their crime.

Fraud with a verification code means the fraudster is trying to log in and use your account, be it a social media account, marketplace, or online transportation, then ask you to send a verification code to the offender. This verification code is usually 4-6 digits and is used as confirmation that you are indeed entering through a new device or a suspicious device.

Just like an ATM PIN or credit card, this verification code is your personal property and should not be leaked to any party, except for your personal access. If someone asks you to send this code, it means someone is trying to get into your account to commit fraud.