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Avoid These 5 Foods If You Want To Get Abs Muscles

Which man does not want to have a body with six boxes lined up neatly on his stomach? Not a few men who try in various ways to get the ideal body is one of them with Buy lgd-4033.

Do you also want the same thing? If so, to maximize the results of the exercise you are doing to form a dream stomach, you should avoid these five foods.
The reason is simple because this row of foods can make your efforts to shape your body fail miserably.

1. Grain products
Eating whole grains is recommended in a healthy diet. However, some food products made from grains are not so recommended as white rice, white bread, and plain white pasta.

2. Potato products
A study analyzing weight changes of more than 120,000 men and women over 20 years. The study participants were examined every four years. The result, they found that the biggest cause of weight gain was caused by the consumption of potatoes and also its processed products in the form of potato chips.

3. red meat and its preparations
Still, in the same study, they found that people who ate more red meat and some processed products gained weight more than one pound every four years.

In another study, the researchers analyzed more than 370,000 people. They found that people who ate small steaks a day gained about five pounds in five years.

4. Trans fat products
The researchers also conducted a study on a group of monkeys by adopting two different diets. One group was given food intake with trans fat and the other with food intake of unsaturated fats. As a result, the trans fat food group gained around 7.2% in six years.
While the unsaturated fat food group only experienced an increase of around 1.8%. Not only adding new fat, but trans fat is also responsible for transferring fat from other areas to the stomach. Trans fats are found in some foods such as snacks and frozen pizza.

5. Diet soda
Usually, people are easily fooled by the label “zero-calorie”. Soda made with sugar substitutes is believed by many experts to play an important role in increasing your weight. A new study published recently found that people who drank diet soda experienced three times the amount of stomach fat in more than nine years.